IoT Projects

This page contains various projects which include microcontrollers, wireless sensors, Raspberry Pi, Web, data visualization and other interesting stuff from the world of IoT.

Home monitoring system

Hereby you can find information for DIY home monitoring system which is based upon Arduino nodes with NRF24L01 chips for wireless comunication with main node. Main node, based on Arduino Uno, collects measurements from all nodes and send them over serial connection to Raspberry Pi where measurements are stored into MySql database. Apropriate Web site for measurement visualization is also developed.

Sausage production process monitoring based on MQTT protocol

Quality of sausage production process heavily depends upon smoking process where temperature and humidty in smoking chamber should be kept at certain values. This project presents remote monitoring of production process where user is alarmed when some variable exceeds maximal allowed value or drops below minimal allowed during smooking process which can negatively affect quality of final product. Coming soon...

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