On this site you can find different information regarding:

  • Raspberry Pi and Linux operating system
  • Data visualization
  • Data fetching and storage
  • Other emerging techniques for data manipulation

Remote stepper motor control with Raspberry Pi

How to remotely (over Web) control stepper motor with Raspberry Pi and appropriate driver board. The software part relies on stepper control with Python, on webosockets for communication and on JavaScript based visualization of the remote stepper motor controller.

Raspberry Pi CPU temperature visualization

Periodically read the Raspberry Pi CPU temperature and send the readings to a web page using websockets. Readings are visualized with RGraph library for JavaScript.

Raspberry Pi shutdown/reboot button

How to enable safe shut down or reboot of Raspberry Pi when you don't have the remote access or keyboard and display at a hand.

Websocket - a simple example

Simple web application which uses websocket is presented. Tested on Raspberry Pi.

Make your Raspberry Pi more secure

Few tips how to make your little fellow more secure.

Connect DS18B20 sensors to Raspberry Pi

How to periodically measure temperature with DS18B20 sensors that are attached to Raspberry Pi and store the readings to MySql database.

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