Electronics and simple projects

On this site you can find different articles reagrding electronics and simple DIY projects. Atmel AVR microcontrollers (MCUs) are often heart of this projects. These microcontrollers are very popular nowdays, especially with the appearance of Arduino boards on the market. MCUs can be seen as as small computers that can be used for many different purposes. For example, MCUs can be used for reading different analog and digital sensors. These readings can be tehn stored to SD card or sent via appropriate interface to another machine. MCUs can be used for switching different actuators like relays, dc motors and so on. Usually MCUs provide some kind of interface to the user. This can be simple buttons, trimmers, 7 segment displays, LCD display or more advanced TFT screen with touch screen. You can do a bunch of cool projects with AVRs and make them part of IoT. To help you with that, the following links contain different (mostly hardware oriented) informations which include AVR MCUs, electronic circuits or just general purpose informations regarding electronics which can be useful in IoT projects. Please take a quick look at our disclaimer before using information provided on this site.

How to use USBasp programmer

USBasp is a cheap and popular in-circuit programmer for AVR microcontrollers. How to use it with a powerful IDE Atmel Studio.

DIY Printed Circuit Board

Tired of the projects on a breadboard with a bunch of wires? Do it yourself Printed Circuit Board instructions.

Electric fence

Do you have a problem with wild animals in your weekend cottage? No problems anymore with a solar powered electric fence. Coming soon...

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