Control stepper motor with Raspberry Pi over Web

Raspberry Pi has number of general purpose pins available for connecting different external devices like sensors, relays and so on. It is also possible to control different actuators like electric motor with the appropriate driver between Raspberry Pi and motor. One interesting group of motors are stepper motors which are brushless synchronous elec [...]

Raspberry Pi CPU temperature visualization

In this article we are going to explain how to constantly read CPU temperature of your Raspberry Pi and send the readings to a web page. The communication between server and client web page is accomplished by using websocket protocol. We used Tornado, an asynchronous webserver for python to make websocket connections. To visualize the readings we [...]

Websocket - a simple example

Websocket is bi-directional communication protocol which emerged recently, with the introduction of HTML5. It enables full-duplex message based communication between client and server, enabling you to make modern dynamic web apps with a little effort. Check our article where we present simple websocket example which is based on Tornado, an asynchr [...]

Shutdown/reboot Raspberry Pi with a push button

Don't know how to interface a simple mechanical push button to your Raspberry Pi? Check out this article where we use a push button for Raspberry Pi shutdown (long press) or Raspberry Pi restart (short press).

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