USBasp programmer + Atmel Studio

You are using Arduino IDE to develop applications for your Arduino based projects but you are feeling that you don't have enough insight into coding process, memory usage and so on? You can try more advanced programming enviroment called Atmel Studio. Program Atmel AVR microcontrollers from this environment with a cheap programmer called USBasp. Check the details.

DIY Printed Circuit Board

Are you sick of developing an electronic project on a protoboard with a bunch of wires? Try building your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) at home by following the instructions provided in this article. Note: you will need to use chemicals that can negatively affect your health or environment. If you are clumsy or you are not sure what you are doing, then please pay the professionals to build the PCB for you.

Iot-projects.com started

alternate textImage author: Wilgengebroed on Flickr

We have started iot-projects.com, website for Internet-of-Things projects. Don't know what the heck is IoT? Check this article at computerworld.com or wikipedia site. At iot-projects.com we will try to focus on the projects that you can do completely by yourself. Apart from hardware aspect of each project, we will be discussing the data storage and data visualization which are very important parts of the IoT world. If you have interesting project that nicely fits into IoT paradigm and you want to share it, please contact us.

Read our disclaimer before you take the information provided on this site seriously.

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